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Special Tribute "Tom Taylor - EMR"

BerichtGeplaatst: 06 feb 2018 15:37
door FRC-Group

Voor degene(n) die de Tribute Special Programs willen Relayen
hier een Promo

logo - emr2.jpg
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Plans are now well under way for a one off Tribute Programme for Tom.

It will be broadcast on Sunday 18th February 2018, the symbolic 3rd Sunday of the month.

It will go out via a High Power Short Wave Relay on 6070 khz, In addition it will then be streamed
for the next three days on a special EMR Tribute Stream.
We have so far got guaranteed contributions from many people from the radio world who knew Tom
well and who worked with him or were fellow pirate radio operators.

To many of us, Tom was very generous with his time and help and I think it is fair to say that if you
were involved in running a short-wave pirate station (as I was) in its late 70's heyday, then you would
have had some help and a lot of advice from Tom.
I certainly did.

There was no Pirate Radio Academy to attend, for us that was a visit to Tom's house!

The Short Wave broadcast will be funded by Herbert Visser and narrated by Steve Silby,
I will be providing the streaming side of things and doing the production work on the tribute.

So far we have guaranteed contributions from:
Cliff Osbourne
Pat Edison
Mark Dezzani
Peter Verbruggen
Stuart Clark
Steve Silby
Herbie Visser
Ian Biggar
Ian Harling
Mark Stafford
Plus we are very likely to have contributions from...
Nick Catford (Mike Knight) the man behind Radio Jackie.
Andy Green
and Paul Graham

Just coming in:
Good news, we now have an audio contribution from AJ Bierens.
RNI Legend AJ did shows on European Music Radio in the first few years it was on the air..


Hier een Schema wat Barry mij in 1979 ! toestuurde - nav artikeltje in FRM !

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Re: Special Tribute "Tom Taylor - EMR"

BerichtGeplaatst: 12 feb 2018 21:54
door FRC-Group
Updated Info

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Re: Special Tribute "Tom Taylor - EMR"

BerichtGeplaatst: 13 feb 2018 15:00
door FRC-Group
Speciale Tom Taylor Tribute Promo!.mp3

Voor degene(n) - die wellicht (oude-) EMR programma's als een speciale Tribute
Airplay/ willen geven - kan deze promo in de eventuele programma's worden

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Re: Special Tribute "Tom Taylor - EMR"

BerichtGeplaatst: 18 feb 2018 12:50
door FRC-Group
Listen Online to the special Tom Taylor tribute

"EMR - One Last Time for Tom Taylor"


Feel free to Airplay/Relay!

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Re: Special Tribute "Tom Taylor - EMR"

BerichtGeplaatst: 20 feb 2018 13:11
door FRC-Group
(WeTransfer-) Download link for Tom Taylor Tribute program - available till Febr.26th <>

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