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Logs for Thursday 29 December on MW

Hier staan de oude rapporten

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Logs for Thursday 29 December on MW

Berichtdoor OzDXer » 30 dec 2016 06:47

1636 0855 Torpedojager. Music program, series of reports to several stations then off at 0906 UTC. S9 +10
1620 0907 Zonnester. Polka music, reports for several stations then off. S9 +10
1620 0913 Schaduwjager. Song 'Only Cryin', reports for Torpedojager, Alpenjager, Curacau, Sterrenboog, Zonnester, Zwatre Boeveneer, Rockin Billy & Toulouse, S9 +5
1620 0918 Sterrenboog. Strong S9 +20, ballad, reports to stations then off. Back on at 0942.
1621 0922 Curacau. Another strong signal, reports for above stations S9 +20.
1620 0927 Zwarte Boeveneer. Band music and ID, reports and 'beste wensen' for stations, S9.
1631 0931 Alpenjager. Poor on Twente SDR but strong when noted from Dokkum. Report for Schaduwjager and others, to close at 0938. S7.
1643 0936 UNID. S9 +20, ballad in English, then Dutch song 'Marjanne', to 0940 close. No announcements.
1620 1854 Zwarte Arabier. Nice signal S9, music program, on-air for some time.

All logs are from Thursday 29th December on the Twente SDR, and a rotatable 23 inch LG monitor facing south :)
E-QSL's happily received at david667@optusnet.com.au Many thanks / Bedankt !
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