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Hier staan de oude rapporten

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Berichtdoor Caroline » 04 feb 2018 16:08

Hi again,

for any logs of us of yesterday, Saturday 03-02-2018
at Saxonian Switzerland (Eastern Germany) have a look at our website :


This might have been our last logs of this region...
Caroline had been at University Hospital at Dresden again last Thursday and
his situation is terribble...he even isnt able to eat anything since 1 week.
They discovered that his esophageal cancer has grown into the stomach and there
is still no possibility to help him. ;c
He now made the decision to settle down again to the German region south of Enschede
very soon (the region where he had been growing up)...there the wife of his brother
can take care of him till his end.
He wants to finish his life by getting any last syringe at any Dutch hospital at Winterswijk or Enschede, but thats only possible for Dutch people.... :r
PLEASE: Can anyone help him to get Dutch very soon that he can finish his life
at any Dutch hospital !!!! ;c

Mr. Goofy and Caroline
Pirates for peace !
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Re: EDELKAMPIOEN/PIONEER/TURF/UNIDs etc.,Saturday 03-02-18

Berichtdoor Boomi » 05 feb 2018 09:42

Hello Caro, very sorry to hear about this new 'development'. :(
I surely hope you find a place to stay of your own choice.
I ask myself, what could be wrong with German hospitals?
Would have thought they are even better than the Dutch.

Keep up!,
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Re: EDELKAMPIOEN/PIONEER/TURF/UNIDs etc.,Saturday 03-02-18

Berichtdoor Toutatis » 05 feb 2018 23:20

Hi Caro,

Very sad news. I hope you have somebody in your family to take care of you.
So, I say in French "Courage mon ami !"

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Re: EDELKAMPIOEN/PIONEER/TURF/UNIDs etc.,Saturday 03-02-18

Berichtdoor sluwe vos radio » 22 apr 2018 09:12

Hi Caroline,

I only heard about this yesterday and I feel so sad after reading your last message. In the past we had a lot of nice conversations about different topics.
I will be really missing those nice conversations we had and all nice radio reports you always gave me. I hope you will have a good last time with your brother and his wife and we will meet again on the other side!

Des te stiller je bent, des te meer je hoort Afbeelding
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sluwe vos radio
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Re: EDELKAMPIOEN/PIONEER/TURF/UNIDs etc.,Saturday 03-02-18

Berichtdoor Zeewolf » 22 apr 2018 12:17

Very sad news again in the AM pirate world.
I knew that he was struggling with the cancer for some time.
I hope that he will have the strength en courage for this difficult period.
His reports will be missed here.

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Re: EDELKAMPIOEN/PIONEER/TURF/UNIDs etc.,Saturday 03-02-18

Berichtdoor westcoast » 23 apr 2018 20:05

Ik wordt er stil van , gaat wel erg hard de laatste tijd ;c

All the Best to Caroline , and hopefully better times. p)
ik hou van vrije radio en niet van regels !
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